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The Purpose of my Three Books:

The first is my Self Help Book: Love and Laughter Forever After. This book introducing humor as an intimate relationship skill is designed for people wanting only “biblio-therapy”, those seeking marital enhancement from reading a shared book and then discussing its contents with their partner.

When We Laugh is the title of my one-day seminar to teach the skills presented in my first book. When We Laugh is also the name of the workbook each-partner attending the seminar needs to have on their laps during the seminar. When We Laugh follows and explains the seminar completely

Inspire love and laughter forever after in only one eight hour day is a third book. It is the step by step seminar leaders manual, enabling clergy and other community leaders to deliver a one day marriage enrichment program to the couples in their congregations.

My research into humor as an intimate relationship skill

I spent the last thirty-four years figuring out how clergy and other community professionals can offer psycho-education to promote healthier marriages. I earned my Ph.D. in Psychology by designing a one day seminar that successfully teaches the necessary skills to generate and appreciate humor to promote deeper bonding and enhanced friendships between long term intimate partners.

Psycho-education is not psychotherapy

Not all Clergy are trained to offer marriage counseling. They usually “refer out” to trained professionals however they still want to offer marriage enhancement to the couples who trust them. Psycho-education is not psychotherapy in that it follows a set curriculum and is not therefore client centered. And yet it does produce significant results!

Long term benefits of attending When We Laugh.

Research shows that attending a When We Laugh Seminar stimulates greater proximity seeking between partners, increased generation and appreciation of humor and the use of humor as a portal to enhanced bonding.

Inspire Love And Laughter In Only One Eight Hour Day

Now you can lead the companion seminar to Love and Laughter Forever After. Boards of directors are notably pleased when their Rabbis personally facilitate this relationship-enhancing seminar that both bypasses the need to untangle relationship pathology and kindles good feedback.

This step-by-step seminar leader’s manual reveals how bonding through humor provides partners a quick leap across thresholds that might otherwise impede the deepening of their attachment.

All clergy interview recent widows and widowers in order to write a eulogy for their spouse. Their tears of grief often give way to smiles and tender laughter as recollections of bonding through humor rise up among the finest harvest memories of their shared lives.

Clergy and other community leaders can broaden the vistas of would-be vintage lovers by helping them to realize that windshields are thirty times bigger than rearview mirrors for good reasons.

When We Laugh

Couples who use humor as a bonding tool can intensify their intimacy and enrich their friendship.

Many couples begin their relationships by generating and appreciating humor. Often they use wit as shorthand for mutual understanding and humor to explore new comfort zones. For partners to evolve into a vintage couple, it is vital that they keep their humor and laughter spigot turned on … full force. When We Laugh offers committed couples the tools they need to bond more fully and empathize with each other more deeply. People who learn to laugh at trouble, and at themselves continue growing as individuals and as partners. Yes, we can learn while we laugh, and we can do it without feeling like we are learning. Attend Rabbi Moss’ When We Laugh seminar, led by your Clergy or community leader. You and the one you love will gain the know how to use humor and laughter on purpose and enhance your lives.



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