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Table of Contents

The Changing Landscape and Improved Opportunities for Women

Career, Employment Choices and Financial Planning for the Future- Balancing Home vs. Work
Weight Control- Eating for 1 and 1/2,500 people

How to Sleep through the Night and Nap During the Day

Enhancing your Baby’s Brain, Intelligence and Future

Positive and Negative Reactions to Becoming Pregnant

Your Decision Making Style and Personality and their effect on your Happiness

Memory Lapses at Home and at Work and Multitasking

Vitamins, Minerals and Toxins-What to take and what to avoid

Sex during Pregnancy and After Childbirth

Male and Female Brain-Why Kids act the way they do

The Effect of Father Financially and Emotionally

Baby on a Budget- Cutting Costs and Maximizing Gifts

Pre and Post Partum Depression – Overlooked and Undertreated

International Perspective on Breast vs. Bottle Feeding and what it means to you

Using the 90-Minute Sleeping Pattern of your Baby makes life less stressful

Interpreting your Baby’s Crying


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