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“This no nonsense, researched based book provides a comprehensive insight into the social and emotional
development of a child’s first years of life and the
impact on parenting practices.”

-- Bradley Waldron, Executive Director, Education Services Division, Clark County School District


Fetus to Fifth Grade by Dr. David V. Schapira

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“An extraordinary collection of fact, statistical analysis and common sense for parents and teachers interested in the well-being and future of a young child. Each chapter was truly enlightening for this seasoned preschool teacher.”

-- Bobbye Dickerson, Pre Primary Specialist at highly rated Pine Crest Prep School, Boca Raton, FL

As a child clinical psychologist, and a mother, I found this book to be most relevant and practical to the work I do in and outside the home every day. I think it is a must read for all new parents.  I especially liked how the research was weaved into each chapter. I would definitely recommend this book to both clients and friends.  

- Dr. Paula Squitieri, Child Clinical Psychology

The book is extremely informative and easy to read. The review of relevant research in child development as well as related areas provides examples of how to apply the research findings in everyday life as people raise their children. Both as a mother and a mental health professional I highly recommend this book.

- Dr. Cristina Pozo-Kaderman, Administrative Director of the Department of Psychosocial Services at the Sylvester Cancer Center and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Miami



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From Fetus to Fifth Grade

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212 pages - $14.00
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