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Meet Our Board of Directors

Princess Zindaba Nyirenda / President

Princess Zindaba was born and raised in Zambia, Africa. She is a real African princess and true descendant of the Tumbuka Royal Family; the 4th generation great granddaughter of Chief Nyathi Mphamba (paternal), the Tumbuka tribal chief, (from her father’s side of the family) and is the 6th generation great granddaughter of ‘Ngani-Ngani’ Kamangadazi, the ancestry line of Shaka Zulu, the King of Southern Africa (from her mothers side of the family) who settled in Mbelwa,(Malawi) and Lundazi in the Eastern Province of Zambia, Southern Africa.

"Zindie" as she is called received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration from the University of Zambia.  In 1985, she migrated to the US, and lived in Houghton Michigan where her husband was studying at Michigan Technological University.  Later, she moved to the metropolitan Chicagoland area and studied fashion design at the International Academy of Merchandising and Fashion Design in Chicago and Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. She has a passion for genuine fashion artwork, influenced by authentic African flair. Currently, Zindie is studying for her Masters of Arts Degree in Training and Development at Roosevelt University, in Schaumburg, Illinois. Her concentration is eLearning Strategies for Distance Learning, Instructional Systems designs and Organization Development with ROI. 

In 2001 Zindie, established her non-profit organization The Lord of the Harvest – that has since been renamed "The Light On The Hill for Africa”.
She is the author of the new release  “Ta Lakata’ The Tears of Africa”- a semi-autobiographical account of her life, her family and her country, the impact of globalization in Africa, how poverty thereof and the poverty-related diseases caused by poverty, perpetuated by poverty, have afflicted Africa and the people she loves. She gives an African perspective of the impact of the epidemic on Africa and offers ‘Solutions for Africa’. Her writing is the authentic African voice that needs not be stifled, but included as well and heard in all the Nations… . as one voice passionately advocating for ‘Life before Death’.

George Isaacson / Vice President

George Isaacson joined the Executive Board of the Light on the Hill as Vice President of the organization in 2008. He was born in Detroit, Michigan and as a child, lived in Florida, Upper Michigan and Illinois. He graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and began a career as a high school math teacher for the Chicago Board of Education upon graduation. Over twenty-six years, he has worked for five different high schools in Chicago and has also taught a variety of science classes. He obtained his Masters Degree of Education from DePaul University and Administration Courses at Loyola University. In 2007 George retired from teaching and took on the nonprofit initiative with the Teachers Academy for Mathematics and Science, an organization that addressed the staff development needs of educators and addressed a variety of issues around advancement of staff and improvement of school planning. In this capacity, he attained a national certification in Professional Staff Development from the National Staff Development Council. George is a past president of the Illinois Staff Development Council and Pi Lambda Theta and has been on the Board of Directors for The Quest Center at the Chicago Teachers Union for nine years.

As the V.P. of the Light on the Hill originated and is currently leading two major projects:

1) “Hospitals on Wings with The Doctors on Wheels” which will allow people in Lundazi to have medical support instantly and have it be readily available; and the

2) “The Legacy Project-A Zoom on UnderMining In Zambia…” an initiative to partner with the multinational mining companies that have and are operating in Zambia, and hopes to bring their responsibility for the damages and pollution of the environment caused by their reckless mining activities and the abandoned mines in Zambia. The ultimate goal of the project is to restore the land, its natural environment and give innocent people back their dignity and respect of nature. In his free time George enjoys time with his two children and grandchildren whom he considers to be the best part of his retirement.

Anna Pishchulina / Project Coordinator

Anna was born and raised in Saint Petersburg Russia. She completed her education in Organic chemistry and English. Anna has actively supported projects pertaining to the restoration of pre communist Russia's cultural heritage by working with numerous museums and palaces in and around Saint Petersburg. Fascinated by innovations in biotechnology and Pharm industry development

Anna came to the United States to expand her diverse knowledge base and pursue a graduate degree in science. She has worked in one of the leading institutions in Chicago; the emphasis of her research is drug discovery in area of neuroscience and neurodegenerative diseases. Throughout her career in science, Anna has managed to involve herself in fringe developments and ‘out-of- the- box’ opportunities that ultimately contribute to others.

Anna Pishchulina has been actively involved with nonprofit initiatives between Africa and the United States since 2007, working closely with the Sudanese Lost boys. Anna joined the Light On The Hill, as a consultant for technological needs of the organization and later took on the role of Projects Coordinator. Based on her professional background and expertise in drug development industry Anna has taken on overseeing the HIV/AIDS prevention project. She is responsible for LOTH's relationships with Pharmaceutical companies and developing campaigns that support anti-HIV initiatives in Lundazi, Zambia.

In her free time Anna enjoys all kinds of sporty outdoor activities with her husband and the next step in her career in getting an MBA with a focus on nonprofit organizations and development.

Charlotte Mutesha/ IT & Web Director

A senior at Dominican University, in River Forest Illinois, Charlotte is studying Journalism and Communications with a concentration in Writing and Editing. Charlotte has a passion for writing
Charlotte Madeline is a columnist and reporter for Review Chicago, a contributing blogger on Dominican University's news site, DominiNET, and a staff writer for the Dominican Star newspaper.

Also as a professional editor, she writes bio’s or reviews, proofreads theses, and edits or ghostwrites novels.

Her writing is depicted in the blog sites listed below:

•  mizChartreuse.com

Her Gemini duality allows her to empathize with people that have other perspectives while staying true to her own ideals. The firstborn, first generation daughter to Zambian parents and addicted to travel, Charlotte has visited over eight international countries in the past year and a half and utilizes her different cultural experiences in her writing.. When finished with her undergrad studies, she hopes to continue writing and have her own magazine that will depict her writing with a social responsibility.

Charlotte manages the IT and Website management for Light On The Hill and gets the impact her writing has on the reader but also the difference her work makes in the lives of many underprivileged people that she advocates for. Most especially and dear to her heart are the faces and giggles joyful happy HIV/AIDS orphans whom she saw firsthand in her travels to Africa. She is a firm believer that it does not take a whole lot to change the heart of indifference towards these innocent children. We can make a difference if we choose to…especially, on the behalf of the underprivileged. She will work and contribute her writing to the common good of looking out for the “least of these….”



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