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TA-LAKATA: The Tears of Africa
By Nkhosikazi-Princess Zindaba Nyirenda

Princess Zindaba Nyirenda's beautifully narrated novel, Ta, Lakata-The Tears of Africa, is a stunning tribute to her homeland.

The joys and sorrows of a proud heritage are poignantly told by a woman born of Zambian royal heritage.

Princess Zindie was the granddaughter of traditional Zambian heritage, the Tumbuka tribe chief Mphamba of Lundazi in Zambia.
Raised in an elite and privileged environment in Zambia during the years of the country's booming economy, her life and outlook were bright. Zindie had the best during her formative years, studying at the only highest institution of learning in her beloved country. Then she moved to the United States and, over the next two decades, watched in horror as life in her country, as she knew it, rapidly disintegrated with the devastation and influx of the AIDS/HIV virus. Her friends and family were affected by the crumbling economy and suffered unimaginable tragedies as this magnificent paradise succumbed to a relentless virus and inconceivable poverty.

Zindie's heart wrenching tale takes the reader inside a world that most people will never experience.

The face of AIDS becomes her own and she resolves to do anything and everything to commit her life to bettering life in her country and improving those who live there now. Losing her family members and friends, Zindie makes a pledge to herself and to God to be the voice of innocent HIV/AIDS orphans and widows, her effort to save Sub- Saharan Africa-the continent that courses through her blood.

Read the incredible story of how one woman is fighting the fight of her life by founding an organization to raise AIDS awareness in her country and starting a factory to empower widows of the disease. Her story will move you, inspire you and remind you how it is up to each of us to stop the suffering of our fellow human beings and to instigate change for the betterment of all.

About the Author

"This book is a stunning tribute to our country, our continent and our people, I highly recommend it. May it be an inspiration on all of us to join hands for a common purpose: To fight and conquer AIDS."
~ Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Founder/Chairman: The Children of Africa foundation

Zindie is the President and Founder of The Light on the Hill for Africa, a non-profit organization that equips and empowers local leaders in remote areas and neglected villages in Africa. She was the 2007 keynote speaker for the World AIDS Day Conference in Illinois and currently attends Roosevelt University to obtain her Master's degree. She has published magazine and scholastic articles in Zambia and is currently writing a nonfiction novel about those living with AIDS. She lives in Illinois with her children, Charlotte, Chloe, and Duminsani. Ta Lakata-The Tears of Africa is her first book.

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Hard Cover - 6x9 - 236 pages - $30.00

ISBN: 978-1-93492-551-5
ISBN / SKU: 1-93492-551-9



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